Texas Cash Out Refinance Laws

By Sydney A. Jackson

There is a wide variety of reasons why a homeowner may choose the option of refinancing the mortgage loan on their property. In many cases, it is because renovations need to be made, repairs for the maintenance of the home or various other home-improvements. Securing this type of loan will give them the cash needed to accomplish major projects such as these. If you are a resident of Texas, you will need to review the Texas cash out refinance laws before applying for a loan of this nature.

If a homeowners situation adheres to the rules of these loans, it is a benefit that, in many cases, saves them a large amount of money in the long run. This is simply because the funds from the loan will give them the advantage of being able to completely pay off loans they have obtained with a high rate of interest.

Credit card bills that have piled sky-high is one of the many reasons why homeowners consider refinancing their mortgage loan. The interest rate they are able to secure on these loans is almost always drastically lower than interest rates that are applied to credit card debts. If you have fallen on hard times and are swimming neck-deep in credit card debt, it may be beneficial to review the rules to see if you quality for a mortgage refinance loan.

There are a few factors that will be considered in refinancing the mortgage on your home. The value of the property is a large factor taken into account and a homeowner’s FICO score is another factor that can either help or prevent your approval. LTV or the Loan to Value that you are allowed to cash-out can decrease in the event your credit rating is low. Texas mortgage laws will also play a large part in the money you are allowed to borrow if you happen to live in the Lone Star state and have certainly been considered as the strictest of most all states.

The Loan to Value (LTV) rate that a homeowner is allowed to cash-out on with a refinance mortgage loan, if they live in the state of Texas, can not be greater than 80% of the property that they occupy. One more rule that has been set in regards to Texas cash out refinance laws says that before the borrower is able to obtain the funds, they must first wait a time period of 12 days for the closing to be finalized.

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